Sometimes I feel really selfish, blogging about me! But the truth is, I don’t care about ‘me’, I care about justice and honesty, I care about Bradley Manning…..and then I wonder what is more important to me? freedom, love or money? I just happened to be railroaded by HMRC, the life I had built through fucking hard work – is all gone and soon I will be homeless – I remember my accountant saying to me back in 2004 that if I worked another 8 years, I would be a millionaire. at the time, I did  not have the luxury of thinking – or doing nothing.. I was caught, I  suppose in a ‘hamster wheel’ of making money and sleeping when I could. I suppose the ‘trouble’ started when I was repairing the ceiling following a fire at my business premises, when I fell off a 7 step step – ladder. I remember it was 9th April 2006. I was very badly injured, I felt blood running out of my ear and I dialled 999, and collapsed. Seems the ambulance driver found me from the GPRS from my phone. I was very lucky – I did not wake up for 3 weeks. I had fractured my skull, had a stroke, bashed my carotid artery and had bells palsey. and I had gone deaf. I was in hospital for a month – but I have never fully recovered. when I came out of hospital, I could not manage the Business, so I closed it down as I was sole proprietor – no one else could run it. I opened on weekends – making enough to barely cover the running costs and my mortgage. I had no choice. I could not cope with 16 hour days…I needed to recover. More later


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