7th July 2013

I spoke to my Mum last night – she was 80 last june. she is so worried about me – and because she had a heart attack in may 2013 which resulted in an operation and a stay in hospital, I (sort of) lie to her – I pretend that I am brave and that money means nothing, which IS true, but is it wrong to want to keep the money you have worked 40 years for? I love my Mother so much, and would willingly give my life for her, so I must keep my emotions to myself because if she gets upset and has another heart attack…..well.

My only daughter is getting married next year and already Im starting to panic. I have NO money to buy anything, not even an outfit to wear! 

If I was granted ONE wish, or won the lottery…..you know, all I would ask for is a good Solicitor or Barrister to fight my case because I KNOW I’ve done nothing wrong. Trouble is – when the Inland Revenue bankrupted me, they also froze my bank accounts and moiney, credit card etc etc – there was no way that I could get a Solicitor so they had me right where they wanted me – as they stripped me of everything I had ever worked for – despite my protests that they were making a terrible mistake. Jeeze, writing this blog is making me cry! I dont’t know if I will be able to blog after 2nd sept – as my internet and phone will be cut off. but I wont be gone for long I hope.

When I was in Court on Monday, I mentioned to the Judge that I was not eligable for a Council flat until I was homeless.he told me that I would get a letter detailing the descision within 5 days. I must take this letter to the Council – and hopefully they will believe me …..if I dont have anywhere to go when I leave here, then I will have to stay in the homeless shelter. If anyone is reading this blog – and would like to ask my any questions, you can email me at whosesadie@gmail.com. I have no secrets and I am not afraid of trolls – they can’t possibly be worse than HMRC. Im quite a tough girl, but this last episode in my final humiliation is breaking me.I was due to retire soon. now I face the rest of my life on benefits and I have 2 operations coming up. my life is such a mess, but I don’t know what I did that was wrong – except fracture my skull and have a stroke (I spoke of this in previous blog) The HMRC bankrupted me on 14th Feb 2008 and little by little they have taken every thing I possessed…including my wedding ring! (I am divorced now – but that is not the point) I lost my Bath, my underwear, and photos of my dead Sister – yes I lost more then mney. and sfter 5 years of constant humiliation – i’m feeling pretty low right now. More tomorrow thanks for listening


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