8th July 2013

Im not sleeping well. Ive had a bad few days with vivid dreams waking me up! – oh well its got to get better. I want to talk about jobs today. I once had a job, a career, a purpose to my life. when the HMRC bankrupted me, I was still recovering from a stroke/.fractured skull/bashed carotid artery – I was very very ill but I managed to keep my business going (just about) but when I was bankrupted – wrongly by HMRC – suddenly I had no purpose anymore and its a terrible feeling. I had no money, no Bank accounts no job, no car, no clothes (I could go on and on) and I was expected to accept it as the right thing? no – I can never do that. I remember the day – 13th April 2010 when 14 bailiffs with NO warrant bashed down the 5 outer doors of my business premesis, I honestly thought a bomb had gone off!. I was pushed put into the main street within 15 minutes and I onkly had a dressing gown on – and all I managed to grab was my laptop and my handbag. I had to walk down the main street of a BIG City here in UK wearing my dressing gown. I walked to my local MP’s office and  I was crying uncontrollable – the previous day I had bought some bedding plants for the garden (at my business) I tried to go back to ‘dig them in’ but they had locked the back gate – so I could not even get into the back garden. A day or so later, I had a call from a friend who said ‘did you know your property is up for auction on 5th May?, that was how I found out. I rand the auctioneers and asked them if I could get access to my property as all my belongings were in there. They made it impossible for me to collect anything I had no money to hire a van (no credit cards or bank account) I had been bankrupted and my credit rating was below zero – I had no way to collect my belongings – so they were lost forever. HOW am I supposed to accept this? I never thought ‘MY’ Country could or would do this to me! It reads like a horror story …if someone had told me this type of thing happens in UK – I would have laughed, but now I know it is true. tomorrow I will blog about the Court cases I brought on the HMRC – and how they avoided paying me back whilst still charging me £1000 a WEEK for my bankruptcy – a total wipe out of my life


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