Saturday 10th August

well Im 3 weeks away from being evicted! I have no way of getting a removal van – and anyway, Ive got nowhere to go! the Council will not do anything until I am homeless….. this is not going to be easy for me, because I will have my home reposessed on 2nd sept, that is when I will be homeless – so how on earth am I going to get my stuff out? I am on the top of the waiting list for 2 x knee operations and so I cannot walk very well, added to that, I have no money, no bank accounts and its made me so ill, I have been under a psychiatrist for the last 5 years….he has increased my medication and Im now taking 60mg of prozac and 50mg of quetiapine daily. Yesterday (would you believe) I had a TAX BILL from @HMRC with a demand for money and a threat of court if I dont pay it! self assessment! I rang them up ages ago – this is about the 10th bill I have had and everytime I get one  it pushes me deeper and deeper down in to absolute despair. I have no business anymore (they took it all) and now they have the cheek to still send me tax bills – I mean wtf – anyway I need to learn how to blog more effectively – and I am hoping to upload a photograph of the aforementioned tax bill – but my phone is a £7 cheapy – with no camera or internet. My daughter has offered to buy me a new phone – how embarassing is that! I will probably accept….any ideas of a cheap phone that takes picture and has twitter? I would appreciate any advice – thank you for listening


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