Friday 16th August 2013

Well nothing much has changed, and, like the past 5 years of my life, I am stuck in a waiting game. Waiting to be evicted from somewhere I have lived for over 10 years, and hoping I wont be left homeless for too long. I am waiting patiently for a letter from the ‘eviction hearing’ confirming 2nd september will be my eviction. Because until I get that letter, the Council will not consider me for a council flat. I went into see the Council day before yesterday, and was told that until I am homeless – there is nothing they can do. Shelter Cymru – said the same. I cannot pack my stuff up as I have 2 outstanding operations on each knee, walking is very painful at the moment but I still do not think of myself as unlucky…..I am extremely fortunate to have experienced the disgusting treatment of tax – payers by MY Government….I know its early days, but I intend to lobby for a change in bankruptcy Laws if I can. I have accepted that HMRC will never acknowledge my communication ever again. I mean why would they? I have no money left and I am of no use to them anymore *sigh* I am very scared of the future, but I have a new goal now – JUSTICE! it is worth far more than money. yes I have learned a big big lesson. now, IF I had formed a limited company, and had no property in my name, this would never have happened – so because I was honest and ‘upright; I got robbed! its bizarre that in UK today, Tax & Honesty do NOT MIX! how sad is that? My ex husband (American) has offered me somewhere to live, his aunt died in Lancashire and there is a lovely apartment there empty at present. But that would be awful for me – having to rely on my ex- husbands familys generosity to make good what MY Government did wrong? besides, I cannot go 6 hours drive away from my Mother and my Daughter – I dont know how long my Mum will live but Im not going that far from her! it was a very kind offer though. ok well I wont be blogging much until things start moving. 2nd september is when the bailiffs are coming – so beware(!) I may be offline for a good while if I cannot find a wi-fi hot spot. Im losing weight rapidly. I seem to have lost all my ‘fighting spirit’ but I am lucky to have many many good friends who believe in me and are as disalusioned as me about the UK Taxation system – its daylight robbery. email me on or twitter @SQinternet always ready to talk! (until im cut off!)


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