Tuesday 27th August 2013

well it is one week to go before the Bailiffs come here, I do not know what to expect but I am terrified, and the thought of going through this AGAIN (thanks to @HMRC leaves me paralysed with fear. I lost my buisness in 2010 – the bailiffs came with no warrant – 14 of them and 1 of me – and kicked me out on the street. I was not allowed to get dressed so I walked down the main street of Cardiff in my dressing gown and slippers. I will never forget that day. I came home to my flat, and thats where I have lived ever since, but, because I am now on benefits, the mortgage company are repossessing, and this is all because the HMRC bankrupted me when I owed NO TAX AT ALL – in face they amended my tax bill, but only AFTER they had evicted me from my business (13th April 2010) and sold my property at Auction (5th May 2010) then I get an amended tax bill on 9th May 2010 – but it was too late, I had no business left. Now I am having trouble walking because I am needing 2 x knee operations and the pre op examination is on 3rd september – I am being evicted on 2nd, so where shall I ask the ambulance to pick me up from? I cannot walk far until I have had these operations so I am unable to pack up my stuff – I am just sitting here paralysed with fear and crying, and my knees are so sore. I have posted the letters from the hospital on my @SQinternet twitter account. I am feeling very very lost right now and its hard to type through my tears. If I was able to walk, I would go to Bute Park but thats impossible till I have had my operations. what a fucking mess. I cannot focus on anything positive, because there isn’t anything. email me if you can help? or with any advice? thank you – Sadie whosesadie@gmail.com  @SQinternet (twitter) Hope you are all having a better day than me! thanks for listening


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