Finally met someone who understands!

I am so glad to have met Patrick Cullinane on Twitter (thanks to Twittus Maximus ) and it looks like I have finally met someone who has been railroaded into oblivion by HMRC in  almost exactly the same way as me. Now, Im not too good with posh words, I only know instinctively when something is very very wrong – and the treatment of me and Mr Cullinane by HMRC was nothing short of Barbaric and Cruel – we will speak later and hopefully we can help each other. I just have to get through my 3rd eviction first – its happening in 3 days time and I am petrified – I was scared when 14 bailiffs smashed down 5 outer doors of my Business premises to evict me….and the paralysing fear of waiting for this to happen again  is making me unable to sleep. My only consolation is that this flat has only one door – so it wont be as loud – I hope I don’t have a heart attack, and thank you to everone who is helping me – I feel a biut stronger today – nit much, but just a bit. thank you


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