TODAY is eviction day

  • yes its 2nd September and I am sitting here waiting for the bailiffs to knock the door – or kick it in. Its the end of 5 years of utter misery, starting when the Inland revenue decided to send me an astronomical £125.000.00 tax bill – outrageous considering I usually paid between 10 – 12 k for the previous 11 years. when I did not pay it – they bankrupted me and took everything. I had 3 properties, and they took the first 2 quite rapidly, (I owed nothing on either of those so it was pure bunce for them) but this flat? I had a mortgage on and because they sold my business premises, I had to go on benefits while I was fighting to get justice. But I never got justice, I just got ignored, frustrated, and sank deeper and deeper into depression, I am now seeing a psychiatrist and am on massive doses of anti depression and anti psychotic tablets. i’m like a zombie. If they turf me out today, I will go into a homeless shelter, and may not have the internet, but I have my phone. tomorrow I have to be at Llandough Hospital for pre admission health check, as I am having 2 knee operations on 16th September. quite frankly im suicidal. if i could have ONE wish – I would wish for justice, or the means to get JUSTICE. I dont need any favours – i have done NOTHING wrong. i’m well depressed today, might update later if I can! thanks for reading!

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