I am almost afraid to post this…….in case I am dreaming

Yesterday was a day I will never forget in my whole life. Patrick Cullinane @patrickcillinnane  (who I met via @twittothegreat here on twitter HAS STOPPED THE BAILIFFS COMING!/ nobody showed up!..I can’t explain what he did or how it happened, but I know he made a few phone calls and sent a few emails and it seems to have worked. I am stunned. Patrick Cullinane is now my Common Law Lawyer – he has told me that everything must go through him. and I am delighted to agree, I have never had anybody to help me before. I must admit its a totally wonderful feeling! I finally have ‘hope’ – please don’t let me lose this ‘hope’ I have NEVER met anyone quite like Patrick! he has the confidence and knowledge and experience of what I have been through – as he has been through it himself, and that alone, is a great comfort – knowing I am not going mad and that someone else has been treated as badly as me. If he does not get me justice – I will always be grateful to him for the 48 hours of hope that he has given me in these last 2 days, because I have not felt like this for 8 years. I am afraid to say too much in case i jinx something but today is a good day and I need more of these! Thank you Patrick and Twittus, I am forever in your debt, but its never been about money – it is about JUSTICE!

Today I have to go to the hospital to have my pre-op examination in readiness for my 2 x knee operations on 16th September. I am scared to leave my home in case the bailiffs come when I am out and I come home to find the locks changed! – but Patrick has gently told me through my tears and fears that it is not going to happen….don’t wake me up! I’m living the dream! thank you for listening and thank you @twitter @twittothegreat and my hero @PatrickCullinane. bye for now Sadie whosesadie@gmail.com @SQinternet


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