NO Bailiffs! 4th sept

well, I must thank @twitter for allowing me this podium to seek justice – and from Twitter I found many genuine people who really understand what has happened to me. now …the Bailiffs still have not come anywhere near my flat, and whilst I am grateful for the 3 day reprieve, I trust nobody now.

And on that note, I sadly realise that my blogs are now being monitered – thats ok by me – I have nothing to hide, but, I am in the middle of something that is larger than I realised, and I am scared to talk. I just want you to know that this is just the beginning of FAIRNESS & JUSTICE for EVERYONE IN UK – and HONESTY – I have always kept to these ideals, pity those in authority do not! – stay tuned….im not going anywhere! thank you for your support and belief in me – I will NOT let you down! thanks for reading this from Sadie Quinlan. xxx


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