21st october 2013

hello everyone today i am moving onto stage 2 of my fight to get justice. you see, my daughter is getting married next april and i only have one child – and i have not been able to help her with anything, neither financially or practically as i just don’t have a penny to spare. to add to the stress, the people that want to reposess my flat are starting to telephone me again, so i am not answering the phone, but everytime i hear any noise outside my apartment door – well i go into meltdown and my health is suffering. imagine everytime when you hear a door slam in the corridoor outside, you think your gonna be thrown out of your home – yet AGAIN. and yes i know exactly what  it feels like as it has been done to me TWICE already, and believe me – its just beyond words – i cant even descrribe it right now because it always makes me cry with bitterness, shock, anger and despair and i never thought MY government would do this to me UNLAWFULLY. sorry my keyboard is broken and i have no exclamtion or question marks and caps only work occasionally  no brackets either.

so, its now apparent that my bankruptcy was UNlawful. it was obtained unlawfully by the hmrc – which begs the question how on earth would any judge allow this, and the answer is – i do not know.

see, i was never informed of my impending bankriptcy, i received no letter to forewarn me so i was never in court. nobody told me that i had been bankrupted in a london court and so i continued to bank money  not realising my account was frozen. it was not in the local papers – i knew nothng until a friend of mine who works at the BBC in llandaff texed me to say – ‘sorry about your bankruptcy’ – i was so shocked, and i went to the bank immediately and the rest is history. if you need further details – just email me whosesadie..at..gmail.com – sorry my ‘at’ is broke also.

my whole life is falling apart here – my keyboard is the least of my troubles, so whats next. well i am about to file a 7.1a form into high court and despite living in cardiff – it has to be filed in london because apparantly that is where my bankruptcy hearing was. i have to ask them to transfer the case down to cardiff – or else i will have to attend london. so thankfully i have patrick cullinane in my corner, and he will be my common law lawyer throughout this next stage of my journey towards justice. i anicipate all sorts of delays and obstacles, but we shall overcome them with perserverence and honesty  – iam praying for fairness and justice. i have always said that i do not need favours or help – o only need justice and honesty. the paper  7.1a should be filed by next week – patrick has to make sure it is completed correctly and adheres to the laws etc etc – and i know HE will do it absolutely correctly – i am very very lucky that i met patrick cullinane – he reaLLy is a man of integrity who fights for justice and im blessed to have him watching my back through this utter minefield of trickery and ambigious interpertations of what we see as a perfectly sensible legal system. unfortunately the laws of the land – from the magna carta days have been mis-interpreted and now are completely hijacked and nobody realises this – until something like this – happens to them.


i will blog again when i have more news and thank you for reading this. kind regards sadie quinlan BA Hons.


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