Christmas 2014

well its Chtisttmas 2014 – 13th December and I am still homeless. I was homeless last Christmas also. I still have a few options – my plan is to file a summons in High Court against the HMRC, my Trustee, her solicitor and he Judge that broke the law. I have not done anything at all since my last blog and for that I am sorry! – however it is very very hard trying to fight for justice when you are homeless – its about as much as I can do to make sure that I keep my 3 suitcases of papers (proof) with me where ever I go. They have become the most important thing in my life. I dont care about clothes anymoe. I have no jewellery (HMRC took it all) when you have lost EVERYTHING its a strangely liberating feeling. I have NO fear of any Government official – because I have NOTHING to lose. In many ways I almost dread getting justice, because that will put me in the high incomes again – and I have a real phobia of the Government now, and they only seem to hurt people who are entrepeneurs with a knack of making money!,
Being totally skint, they are not interested in me anymore – I should be indifferent to this fact, but it just goes to show how greedy and onmipotent they are. but more important (and treacherous) than this – they are liars.

I have no internet at all. being homeless means that I have to be willing to move to other temporary accomodation at a moments notice. This is quite awful. I buy electric on tokens, but I must not buy too much lest I get my marching orders – and lose the credit that I have put into the meter! TV license people seem to write to everyone in UK! at least every month. and I think this is shameful. I often ponder on the BBC’s admin bill – not to mention postage. I cannot see how the end, justifies the means, but then again – its not my problem as I have no TV!

I will alwways update my blog – I am sorry if you have maybe left twitter because I have not tweeted. In my defence how can I tweet when I am being shoved all around the place, with no internet? and a disabilty which prevents me walking for any distances? I have had 10 operations on my right knee now, and maybe 3 on my left. things can omly get worse. my surgeon is probably only able to buy me time. I wish I had more time. its been 6 long years since the HMRC UNLAWFULLY bankrupted me, and it horrifies me to know that the high Court Judge went along with it, as did my trustee. and when I started to ‘smell a rat’ my trustee set her solictor on me! and I could never understand why he shouted at me when I tried to tape record our ‘meeting’ – he threaatened to cut short the meeting. I always thought it was odd that we seemed to be ‘at odds’ with each other, I mean what does the word ‘TRUSTEE’ mean? in simple terms, I always thought I could trust her – but NO – she even lawyered up against me. and who paid for this Solicitor? ME OF COURSE! I was paying over £1000 a week for my unlawful bankruptcy. My trustees solicitor RETIRED on the money he got from me! yes you Matthew Hunt of Cardiff. you bounder.

there is something very very unlawful happening in UK today. I was a small, busy, sole trader and I paid my taxes. – the Govcernment took 3 x properties and all my money and ALL my posessions. they evicted me THREE times and I never ever saw ONE Warrant. Im not sure if they have the power to send 14 bailiffs in without a warrant. I shall have to look into that. right now – it does not really matter, because there are many many more obvious laws that they have broken of which I have proof. I just hope that I get a home to call my own soon. I am no spring chicken anymore – I am close to retirement age and I will never be able to start again and build up a portfolio for retirement. I am very very sad about that. Also, my only child/daughter got married in April 2013 – I had nothing to give her. it was she who bought me a dress and shoes and underwear to wear to her wedding. I have difficulty typing this because it makes me cry. I have worked all my life. I sent my daughter to public school, I did my degree…..I am quite a clever woman. but I had no protection against Government vultures.

I wish you all a very merry Christmas! I advise you all to live this Christmas like never before (as if it was the end of the world) because for some of us (including me) it is! – of course I value my Family above ALL PROPERTY – so please dont think that. But – is it wrong to want/have BOTH? is it wrong to want the finer things in life? even if you come from working class? or is it just an exclusive club for the old money? I try not to judge, but as I sit here on a borrowed laptop – making use of a kind friends internet, with NO coat to wear, no car and only a walking stick to help me home – I WONDER.

As soon as I get offered a council flat, my daughter has offered to pay for me to have the internet. I am looking forward to this. I will also be able to open a bank account – I have not been able to do so many things whilst I am No Fixed Abode. I have not forgotten Twitter or my blog. Circumstances really are beyond my control at the moment. in 2014 I shall resume my fight for justice. Please stay supportive, I am 07999299559 (but i never answer witheld numbers) one last thing – anyone who has a lawyer or solictor willing to help me file my next cases (just a 7,1a) please please get in touch. I need everything to be as perfect as possible. (they are very slippery these Government officials – not to mention their dream team of lawyers) This really is David & Goliath 2013 style!

Stay happy and have a wonderful holiday and new year.
kind Regards to you and yours

Sadie B. Quinlan BA


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