May 26th 2015

Phew! I have finally been given a home – they say it is mine. yes really mine and I wont be evicted! well to be totally honst I mved in on January 19 2015 – but I still have not totally unpacked, and neither have I got any carpet. TRUSTING TAKES TIME when your head has been totally fucked up by the UK Government – as mine has.  yes I am seeing a psychiatrist and my Doctor has rremained stable thrughout my 3 moves (luckily) and thank god for that! – I could put a few cliches in here now, like Rome was not built in a day……or ‘even eagles need a push’……but I am having to take things s-l-o-w-l-y adjusting to a completely new life at the age of (mind your own business)  is really traumatic! all I can say to any of you out there is – you never know who or what is aroud the corner. be careful and be alert. we need more lerts.

I am crossing undone tasks slowly off my list. today I am going for a health check …….it will take me a week to recover from whatever they say, i am THAT fragile.

I have unpacked my sofa, TV and bought a new laptop. My other laptop was stolen but hey? I have no need for accumalating posessions anymore. i wear no jewellery as I have none and I will be very careful  – and double lock my doors at night. my life is coming back to my control. the body and all its attachments, be it prada or tesco, is only a vehicle for your heart and soul. That lesson is priceless. I will be getting stronger and more vocal as I recover1 hang in there people and God Bless the NHS (if there is a God) love Sadie


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