I am almost afraid to post this…….in case I am dreaming

Yesterday was a day I will never forget in my whole life. Patrick Cullinane @patrickcillinnane  (who I met via @twittothegreat here on twitter HAS STOPPED THE BAILIFFS COMING!/ nobody showed up!..I can’t explain what he did or how it happened, but I know he made a few phone calls and sent a few emails and it seems to have worked. I am stunned. Patrick Cullinane is now my Common Law Lawyer – he has told me that everything must go through him. and I am delighted to agree, I have never had anybody to help me before. I must admit its a totally wonderful feeling! I finally have ‘hope’ – please don’t let me lose this ‘hope’ I have NEVER met anyone quite like Patrick! he has the confidence and knowledge and experience of what I have been through – as he has been through it himself, and that alone, is a great comfort – knowing I am not going mad and that someone else has been treated as badly as me. If he does not get me justice – I will always be grateful to him for the 48 hours of hope that he has given me in these last 2 days, because I have not felt like this for 8 years. I am afraid to say too much in case i jinx something but today is a good day and I need more of these! Thank you Patrick and Twittus, I am forever in your debt, but its never been about money – it is about JUSTICE!

Today I have to go to the hospital to have my pre-op examination in readiness for my 2 x knee operations on 16th September. I am scared to leave my home in case the bailiffs come when I am out and I come home to find the locks changed! – but Patrick has gently told me through my tears and fears that it is not going to happen….don’t wake me up! I’m living the dream! thank you for listening and thank you @twitter @twittothegreat and my hero @PatrickCullinane. bye for now Sadie whosesadie@gmail.com @SQinternet


TODAY is eviction day

  • yes its 2nd September and I am sitting here waiting for the bailiffs to knock the door – or kick it in. Its the end of 5 years of utter misery, starting when the Inland revenue decided to send me an astronomical £125.000.00 tax bill – outrageous considering I usually paid between 10 – 12 k for the previous 11 years. when I did not pay it – they bankrupted me and took everything. I had 3 properties, and they took the first 2 quite rapidly, (I owed nothing on either of those so it was pure bunce for them) but this flat? I had a mortgage on and because they sold my business premises, I had to go on benefits while I was fighting to get justice. But I never got justice, I just got ignored, frustrated, and sank deeper and deeper into depression, I am now seeing a psychiatrist and am on massive doses of anti depression and anti psychotic tablets. i’m like a zombie. If they turf me out today, I will go into a homeless shelter, and may not have the internet, but I have my phone. tomorrow I have to be at Llandough Hospital for pre admission health check, as I am having 2 knee operations on 16th September. quite frankly im suicidal. if i could have ONE wish – I would wish for justice, or the means to get JUSTICE. I dont need any favours – i have done NOTHING wrong. i’m well depressed today, might update later if I can! thanks for reading! whosesadie@gmail.com

Finally met someone who understands!

I am so glad to have met Patrick Cullinane on Twitter (thanks to Twittus Maximus ) and it looks like I have finally met someone who has been railroaded into oblivion by HMRC in  almost exactly the same way as me. Now, Im not too good with posh words, I only know instinctively when something is very very wrong – and the treatment of me and Mr Cullinane by HMRC was nothing short of Barbaric and Cruel – we will speak later and hopefully we can help each other. I just have to get through my 3rd eviction first – its happening in 3 days time and I am petrified – I was scared when 14 bailiffs smashed down 5 outer doors of my Business premises to evict me….and the paralysing fear of waiting for this to happen again  is making me unable to sleep. My only consolation is that this flat has only one door – so it wont be as loud – I hope I don’t have a heart attack, and thank you to everone who is helping me – I feel a biut stronger today – nit much, but just a bit. thank you

Tuesday 27th August 2013

well it is one week to go before the Bailiffs come here, I do not know what to expect but I am terrified, and the thought of going through this AGAIN (thanks to @HMRC leaves me paralysed with fear. I lost my buisness in 2010 – the bailiffs came with no warrant – 14 of them and 1 of me – and kicked me out on the street. I was not allowed to get dressed so I walked down the main street of Cardiff in my dressing gown and slippers. I will never forget that day. I came home to my flat, and thats where I have lived ever since, but, because I am now on benefits, the mortgage company are repossessing, and this is all because the HMRC bankrupted me when I owed NO TAX AT ALL – in face they amended my tax bill, but only AFTER they had evicted me from my business (13th April 2010) and sold my property at Auction (5th May 2010) then I get an amended tax bill on 9th May 2010 – but it was too late, I had no business left. Now I am having trouble walking because I am needing 2 x knee operations and the pre op examination is on 3rd september – I am being evicted on 2nd, so where shall I ask the ambulance to pick me up from? I cannot walk far until I have had these operations so I am unable to pack up my stuff – I am just sitting here paralysed with fear and crying, and my knees are so sore. I have posted the letters from the hospital on my @SQinternet twitter account. I am feeling very very lost right now and its hard to type through my tears. If I was able to walk, I would go to Bute Park but thats impossible till I have had my operations. what a fucking mess. I cannot focus on anything positive, because there isn’t anything. email me if you can help? or with any advice? thank you – Sadie whosesadie@gmail.com  @SQinternet (twitter) Hope you are all having a better day than me! thanks for listening

Friday 16th August 2013

Well nothing much has changed, and, like the past 5 years of my life, I am stuck in a waiting game. Waiting to be evicted from somewhere I have lived for over 10 years, and hoping I wont be left homeless for too long. I am waiting patiently for a letter from the ‘eviction hearing’ confirming 2nd september will be my eviction. Because until I get that letter, the Council will not consider me for a council flat. I went into see the Council day before yesterday, and was told that until I am homeless – there is nothing they can do. Shelter Cymru – said the same. I cannot pack my stuff up as I have 2 outstanding operations on each knee, walking is very painful at the moment but I still do not think of myself as unlucky…..I am extremely fortunate to have experienced the disgusting treatment of tax – payers by MY Government….I know its early days, but I intend to lobby for a change in bankruptcy Laws if I can. I have accepted that HMRC will never acknowledge my communication ever again. I mean why would they? I have no money left and I am of no use to them anymore *sigh* I am very scared of the future, but I have a new goal now – JUSTICE! it is worth far more than money. yes I have learned a big big lesson. now, IF I had formed a limited company, and had no property in my name, this would never have happened – so because I was honest and ‘upright; I got robbed! its bizarre that in UK today, Tax & Honesty do NOT MIX! how sad is that? My ex husband (American) has offered me somewhere to live, his aunt died in Lancashire and there is a lovely apartment there empty at present. But that would be awful for me – having to rely on my ex- husbands familys generosity to make good what MY Government did wrong? besides, I cannot go 6 hours drive away from my Mother and my Daughter – I dont know how long my Mum will live but Im not going that far from her! it was a very kind offer though. ok well I wont be blogging much until things start moving. 2nd september is when the bailiffs are coming – so beware(!) I may be offline for a good while if I cannot find a wi-fi hot spot. Im losing weight rapidly. I seem to have lost all my ‘fighting spirit’ but I am lucky to have many many good friends who believe in me and are as disalusioned as me about the UK Taxation system – its daylight robbery. email me on whosesadie@gmail.com or twitter @SQinternet always ready to talk! (until im cut off!)

Saturday 10th August

well Im 3 weeks away from being evicted! I have no way of getting a removal van – and anyway, Ive got nowhere to go! the Council will not do anything until I am homeless….. this is not going to be easy for me, because I will have my home reposessed on 2nd sept, that is when I will be homeless – so how on earth am I going to get my stuff out? I am on the top of the waiting list for 2 x knee operations and so I cannot walk very well, added to that, I have no money, no bank accounts and its made me so ill, I have been under a psychiatrist for the last 5 years….he has increased my medication and Im now taking 60mg of prozac and 50mg of quetiapine daily. Yesterday (would you believe) I had a TAX BILL from @HMRC with a demand for money and a threat of court if I dont pay it! self assessment! I rang them up ages ago – this is about the 10th bill I have had and everytime I get one  it pushes me deeper and deeper down in to absolute despair. I have no business anymore (they took it all) and now they have the cheek to still send me tax bills – I mean wtf – anyway I need to learn how to blog more effectively – and I am hoping to upload a photograph of the aforementioned tax bill – but my phone is a £7 cheapy – with no camera or internet. My daughter has offered to buy me a new phone – how embarassing is that! I will probably accept….any ideas of a cheap phone that takes picture and has twitter? I would appreciate any advice – thank you for listening