Sunday 6th October 2013

Hello everybody and Happy Sunday to you all. I have not blogged for a while because I have been in Hospital having 2 knee operations and my head was all over the place worrying if I had a home to return to when I was discharged. I am happy to say I am typing this on my laptop at home. but although I am grateful to @patrickculinane for getting me justice, we still have a long long way to go because I am very aware and frightened because I know they can come here any day and evict me – I don’t sleep well here at all. Patrick says I am safe, but I trust nobody in Government anymore.

This laptop is dying, I have no punctuation other than comma’s apostraphies and full stops. I cannot put a question mark or an exclamation mark because it spams out a load of nonsense, so please bear with me.

Sadly I got a nasty infection in my knee – it started swelling up last thursday so I went to the doctors on friday and he confirmed it was infected. its my own fault – I have not done any cleaning at home for ages,  reasons, 1 – my knee has been hurting terrible and 2 – I gave up on cleaning when I realised I was about to be evicted. it was my only chance of ‘rebellion’ – I wanted to leave my home filthy – and I did a pretty good job of it. but unfortunatley it was this dust and dirt that got my freshly operated knee infected – JUST MY LUCK. exclamation mark lol ….. big big THANK YOU NHS

when you have lost everything, there really is nothing left to lose, and it really does define you. I come from a working class family, so I am aware of poverty, we never had an inside toilet or a bathroom when i was growing up, and I am kind of proud to admit that. I worked hard to make a success of my life for the sake of my daughter and me. I worked so hard when she was growing up – I started  businesses and I finally got myself established and was looking forward to a worry free retirement. that’s when the Inland Revenue suddenly – without any reason sent me a Tax Bill 10 times what I had paid the year before. that’s when my entire life started to unravel. its been 5 years since that fateful illegal bankruptcy, yes – it was illegally obtained by HMRC – but the terrible fact is that I am powerless to take them to task – they are omnipotent. So its gonna be a long hard road ahead for me – I still have to somehow get someone to listen to me – someone in authority who would be willing to help me get JUSTICE. I don’t want or need favors – I am an honest person, and this Government has almost ruined me and my family. I will never give up. If you have any questions to ask me – please email me or @SQinternet on twitter. im always ready to talk or provide any evidence you may wish to see.

Unfortunately I am appearing in Crown Court tomorrow morning, I really am embarassed about it. I was so depressed and hopeless back in january – I bought some tablets…. and got caught. Im glad I got caught or I would not be here, but its something that is now being sorted between myself and my psychiatrist – and something I wish would go away – but it wont – so wish me luck at Court. Thank you for listening – I wish you all a happy and joyfull Sunday. – the sort I hope to be having ASAP – exclamation mark xx


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